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IBFC Work-program

IBFC’s work‐program is driven by the medical objective of powering implanted medical devices. In order to achieve this goal, the project has been structured with four 4 Research Work Packages (WPs).

  • WorkPackage 1 - Implantation and in vivo characterisation (Medical)

WP1 will feed the other WPs with specification and explore the possibility of transcutaneous refueling, and once prototypes are available, will test in vivo performance. Dramatic improvement of the exchange surface between the Extra‐Cellular Fluid and the active part of the IBFCs is expected from use of novel architectures based on nanoporous silicon and on flexible electrodes.

  • WorkPackage 2 - Novel Electrode Architecture for IBFC

WP2 will provide these “housings”. The heart of the IBFC exploits either enzymes or biomimetic membranes.

  • WorkPackage 3 - New methods for Biopiles

WP3 will develop these novel bioelectrodes.

  • WorkPackage 4 - Integration and in vitro testing

WP4 integrates the housings and the bioelectrodes, in order to obtain a complete and operational IBFCs, which have to be characterized in vitro and adapted to be able to power a modified pacemaker.

These novel IBFCs can then be proposed to WP1, thus allowing analysis of in vivo performances.


Fig. Work-program of the IBFC project